• Plan & Market Scan API delivers pricing and competitive plan data for the residential market in Texas as a CSV file download or via API. The API uses advanced AI and machine learning (ML) technologies to scan an average of over 3,000 plans daily, sourced from over 50 retail electric providers (REPs), which together account for over 95% of the Texas market.
  • Plan & Market Scan API enables users to access real-time data on residential plans and their pricing, as well as information on the competitive landscape in the market. This helps firms looking to stay on top of the competition and make informed decisions about their own pricing and marketing strategies.
  • Plan & Market Scan is a valuable resource for firms looking to stay competitive in the Texas residential energy market and make informed decisions about their pricing and marketing strategies. It provides a convenient and accurate way to access real-time data on a wide range of plans and providers in the market.