eIQdigital offers powerful, AI-driven capabilities to support your Customers' digital journey through Prospecting, Transacting and Servicing.


eIQdigital enables more effective and efficient Customer Prospecting by offering Market and Competitor Pricing Data delivered in real time.

Provides unprecedented Market Visibility for pricing and competitive analysis. Powered by advanced AI/ML, scans over 2,000 residential plans daily to provide a near real-time view of how your plans stack up in the digital marketplace. Your rate is still one of the most critical factors for driving traffic and sales volume and PowerRateIndex ensures your pricing is on target.


eIQdigital offers an industry leading, digital-first, hyper-personalized Enrollment Sign-Up experience to help Retail Energy Providers optimize their sales funnel conversion and turn their hard-earned traffic into actual sales with a great CTA.

Other Transacting capabilities include:


Provides a highly effective on-line rate comparison tool that allows you to compare your plan rates vs. any competitors you choose. Side-by-Side is designed to improve sales funnel conversion by providing users compelling plan savings data at time of purchase thus eliminating any potential buyer's indecision leading to improved conversion rates, lower CTA and higher satisfaction.

ESIID Lookup

ESIID Lookup improves sales conversion by instantly finding and matching addresses instantly at the top of the sales funnel and eliminates operational issues due to mismatched ESIIDs.

Usage Data Retrieval

Offers a variety of quick and accurate methods for accessing Historical Usage including SMT Consent & Access, TDSP HU LOA & Access, REP MyAccount Reader and Usage Estimator APIs. Each of these capabilities enable you to better personalize offerings for prospects and customers.


eIQdigital enables exceptional personalization and presentment of current and historical usage and cost data along with alerts and self-service functionality that helps users achieve their respective goals of saving money, reducing usage and saving the environment.


eIQhome is the most advanced, AI-powered REP myAccount and Home Energy Management Platform (HEMP) that serves as the central on-line platform for customer self-service and for managing the rapidly expanding universe of EVs, Solar and other Smart Home Devices. eIQhome’s exceptional user experience and functionality is proven to Increase Satisfaction, Reduce Operational Costs, Reduce Churn, and Increase Customer LTV.