eIQdigital provides the exceptional Personalized Experience that creates Relationships with your Residential customers so they keep coming back.

Being a Retail Energy Broker is getting tougher everyday. eIQdigital provides a wide range of digital solutions to improve your Prospecting activities and overall Customer Experience.


Your website's posted plan rates are still one of the most critical factors for driving conversion of your site's traffic into closed sales.

Provides unprecedented Market Visibility on how your REP partner plans stack up compared to what is being displayed on other broker and REP sites. Powered by advanced AI/ML, scans over 2,500 residential plans daily to provide a real-time view of your competitive position the digital marketplace.

PowerRateIndex provides you the market intelligence needed to give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Improved Customer Experience

You already have your online Residential Digital Marketplace up and running but you want to improve the User Experience and Conversion Rate to close more Sales and reduce your Cost-to-Acquire.

eIQdigital offers specific AI-driven solutions that will significantly improve your site's User Experience by enabling Personalized Plan Matching, seamless Address Lookup and ability to capture bill data via smartphone or file upload.


Provides exceptional address verification using fuzzy matching, typeahead address picker technology to quickly and accurately find a user's home address and ESIID.


Uses self-learning AI and proprietary algorithms based on home size and multiple other factors to create a personalized annual and monthly usage forecast that provides a reliable approach to determining customer usage without access to billing data or historical usage.

Load Profile Matcher API

Enables the instant sorting and presentment of all REP plan options to the shopper in a personalized, low-cost order resulting in simpler decision-making with less abandonment, better sales conversion, and higher customer satisfaction.

Provides automated, permission-based access to customers' current or past REP myAccounts. Current coverage represents over 90% of all residential customers in Texas.

Digital Broker Platform Out-of-a-Box

eIQdigital offers Commercial Brokers and anyone wanting to launch a leading edge shopping site, a White-Labled, Out-of-the-Box, Personalized shopping platform so you can start doing business almost immediately.

Provides an AI-powered, personalized shopping experience utilizing near real-time access to usage data matched to specified electricity plans to calculate a true apples-to-apples cost for each based on the user's unique usage profile.