eIQdigital helps Solar firms transform their Prospecting and Servicing capabilities.

eIQdigital offers a variety of products and platforms to help Solar firms improve their overall Prospecting, Servicing and Customers' Experience.


eIQdigital enables a great sales experience for both agents and prospects by enabling real time access to historical usage to improve more accurate and timely cost estimates.

SMT Consent & Access

Provides real-time access to millions of households and businesses Smart Meter Texas (SMT) interval data at point-of-sale through a simple and seamless UI-based consent and data download process that can be integrated into any computer, smart phone or tablet.

TDSP HU LOA & Access

Provides real-time access to households and business past 12-month historical usage (HU) from their respective Texas ERCOT TDSPs that downloads to any computer, tablet, or smart phone in less than one minute.

Customer Bill Reader

Uses Computer Vision and AI to process customer billing information from smart phone photo or file uploads with a 97% accuracy rate making it easier for agent and prospects to provide accurate account information.


With the growing importance of solar energy and the increasing complexity of modern home energy systems, eIQdigital offers the myAccount experience uniquely designed to serve your customers and differentiate you from the competition.


Is the most advanced, AI-powered myAccount and Home Energy Management Platform (HEMP) that serves as the central on-line platform for customer self-service and for managing the rapidly expanding universe of EVs, Solar and other Smart Home Devices. eIQhome's exceptional user experience and functionality is proven to Increase Satisfaction, Reduce Operational Costs, Reduce Churn, and Increase Customer LTV.